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Welcome to SavedMemories.com!


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Abuse Policy

Recently, some people have been using this site as a hard drive and creating home pages and using message boards to link directly to the pictures stored in their accounts. If you have found that your account was deleted without warning, this is why. To link pictures from our site, you will need to sign up for a paid membership.

Please note also that we have taken measures to prevent pictures from being accessed outside of this website if you have a free membership. That means that pictures you upload here are unavailable to newsgroups or eBay. Upgrade to a paid membership to allow this functionality.

No pending invitations. Savedmemories.com makes it easy for you to share your albums with your friends. You can also share your pictures with other members so they can put them in their albums!

  • Membership to the site costs $25 for a 6-month membership. We hope you enjoy the site!
  • Batch upload! Upload a set of pictures! Simply ZIP them in a .ZIP file, and upload the .ZIP file. All files will be extracted and added individually. Do not store directory information in your .ZIP file.
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For help or comments, please email Jack at smadmin@savedmemories.com.